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Bottom-line: We Help Students Achieve Their Goals

Let's face it, being a student is tough, but with our high school and elementary tutoring program, students make the grade. Tutoring kids is most successful when there is a one-on-one relationship between tutor and student, in a comfortable learning environment - at home! And with in-home tutoring, you don't have to drive across town for help. Help comes to your door. An experienced Fort Collins tutor will work within your schedule and time-frame.

Services Include:
  • In-Home Tutoring That Is Convenient To Your Schedule
  • Tutoring That Is Personalized For The Student
  • Tutoring in All Subjects for All Grade Levels
  • Tutoring for Learning Disabilities
  • Leveraging Curriculum Currently Used in School
  • Training in Study Skills, Test Prep & Time Management
  • Experienced, Proficient & Qualified Tutors
  • Multi-Subject Tutoring
  • Private Teaching
  • A Working Parent-Student-Tutor-Teacher Relationship
  • Proprietary Tutor-Student Matching System
  • Session Reporting & Account Management System
  • Fort Collins and Surrounding Area


  • My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tutor Doctor Northern Colorado. The company's owners are top-notch and their team of tutors is not only extremely knowledgeable in their subject areas, but also incredibly professional. My daughter has gone from a failing student with minimal hope regarding her future in academics, to an “A” student with new aspirations of college and career possibilities. She is not only more confident, but she is dreaming of a positive future for the first time in a very long time. I have tried other tutors and spent lots of money on various systems and programs with no success. Tutor Doctor has an incredibly individualized approach to meeting each student's needs and pairs them up with a tutor that connects with their outside interests and beliefs as well. This unique approach, coupled with the best tutors that I've ever come across, has turned out to be the magic formula to enable my daughter to reach her full potential. I am very grateful to Tutor Doctor and their fabulous team. I've always been a proud mom, but now I've been able to add academics to that list of things that I'm so proud of my daughter for. Thanks, Tutor Doctor, for adding to the endless list of characteristics and talents that I admire in my child.

    Sky Chandi
  • I recently received a phone call from this mom who said she had just returned from a parent/teacher conference. She explained that in the past while driving to her son’s parent/teacher conference, her stomach was always in knots and she would leave the conference in tears. She explained that as she would drive to past conferences she would silently ask herself, “So, what bad news am I going to hear about my son this time? She also said always left every parent/teacher conference in tears feeling utterly hopeless in finding a solution to help her son’s grade turn upwards. However, this most recent parent/teacher conference was dramatically different. Yes, there were the normal knots in the stomach and even tears on the drive home. However, the knots were quickly replaced with joy and relief as she was given her son’s report card. Her son had received three A’s and a B. She explained to me that not only did he receive three A’s, but this was the first time in her son’s life that he had ever received any grades of an A! Yes, there were tears on the drive home she explained, but they were “tears of joy.”

    Kyle Carter
  • Tutor Doctor was approached by a concerned family to see if we could provide a high school tutor to a senior from Windsor, CO. The parents and student were very concerned about raising this student’s ACT score from a score of 21 to a score of 28. This student was an exceptional softball player and was being recruited by CSU to play softball. However, her current ACT score of 21 was not high enough for her to receive a scholarship from CSU. She needed to score a 28 to be eligible to receive a scholarship. A seven point increase in the ACT is considered monumental. After three months of ACT prep and strategies tutoring, our student received a score of 28 and was offered a full-scholarship to attend Colorado State University!

    Taylor Hall
  • Tutor Doctor was contacted by a mom from Loveland, CO., who was very committed to her son’s academic success. This mom explained to me that she was concerned that her son’s grades were continuing to slide downward. She was frustrated that no matter what they did to prevent her son’s academic struggles, nothing seemed to help. She was also worried that if something did not change in a hurry for her son, that the downward academic spiral might not ever be stopped.